Morning Talk

As I sit on this chair by the window, I can see the snow rushing from the sky: fragile snowflakes of all sizes lifted by the blizzard. Some even seem to rise up in the air as if aspired by an invisible mouth.

The snow is getting bigger now, it is plunging faster.

And as I sit on this chair, I notice that the red brick wall in my living room is smiling at me, sending me calming thoughts. It is saying : “I love you and I protect you from the snow”. Dear little wall, thank you.

And as I sit on this chair, the white roses in the vase in front of me gently sing their song. It is a song of beauty and hope. They are whispering : “We love you and are glad to blossom with you, away from the snow”. Dear little roses, I love you too.

And as I sit on this chair, Louis and Ella inside their silver frame play for me. The grey of the picture has not altered the colors of their soul. They are speaking to me too. Their words, in silence, echo an : “Life’s a sweet lullaby, a warm symphony. We love you and will keep on inspiring you, through the rain and the snow”.  Thank you, Ella, thank you, Louis.

Till next time.


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