This Wonderful Life

I am the ruthless storm that lifts the dry leaf off the ground. I am the sapless leaf and the barren ground also.

I am the green of your eyes and the wings of the bird in flight, reminding me of the freedom I knew before knowing I loved you.

I am the young fox squashed by the side of the road. I am the death-filled road and the careless fox-killer also.

I am the blood that rushes in your veins at the sight of a displeased scorpio. I am your sight, your fright, and the instinct of the animal also.

I am the breathless dreams of sex I imagine with you. I am you when you come. I am me when I come also.

I am the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I am the whore, the thief and the devil also.

I am the Sun, the Moon and all their satellites. I am Ursa Minor and the Unknown also.

I am the sound of church bells echoing tears of mourning and hallelujahs.

I am perfect as I am now.

– MarĂ¹

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