Walking in the Light

“We write these things so that our joy may be complete. And this is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you: God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.”

– 1 John 1:4 – 

For in Him there is light and no darkness at all.

From Him we come, and in Him we remain.

Darkness is nothing but the acceptance of the idea of absence of light, which idea, by its very appearance, contradicts its claim. Darkness must, first, be accepted as reality for it to appear. Acceptance only comes from light, for it is Love Itself.

Therefore, the appearance of darkness is here only to reming us of the ever-presence of light.

A light that never changes.

A light with no darkness at all.

– Marù –

Tout Est Idée

Tout est Idée dans l’Esprit. Tout, exactement tout. De nos pensées, à nos sensations corporelles, à nos émotions, tout. Le moindre jugement est idée qui souhaite traverser l’Esprit en espérant y trouver la paix et l’ouverture.

“Qui parle ?” est la question que chacun doit se poser, à chaque seconde de chaque minute. Entendre, observer, sentir, toucher est naturel et neutre. Toutefois, certaines idées apparaissant dans l’Esprit semblent, par leur caractère hypnotique, voiler le tissu de l’Être.

Mais l’Être ne s’arrête pas d’être. Qu’importe l’atours, plus ou moins lumineux, de l’idée, seul l’Être lui donne substance et apparente existence.


All Is Idea

Everything is Idea in the Mind. Everything, absolutely everything. From our thoughts to our bodily sensations, to our emotions, everything… The least judgement is an idea that wishes to pass through the Mind, hoping to find peace and openness.

“Who speaks?” is the question that everyone must ask himself at every second of every minute. To hear, to see, to smell, to touch, is natural and neutral. However, some ideas that appear in the Mind, by their hypnotic character, seem to veil the fabric of Being.

But Being doesn’t stop to be. No matter the garment, more or less luminous, of an idea, only Being gives it substance and apparent existence.


King of My Soul

Sweetheart of all my dreams, King of my Soul, forgive me while You are my all and it seems so easy to forget you.

Sweetheart of all my dreams, King of my Soul, where can I flee from your presence, a perfume so delicious with scent eternal?

Sweetheart of all my dreams, King of my Soul, a poor woman am I without you, witch and wicked am I, away from you.

Sweetheart of all my dreams, King of my Soul, grant me supernal residence in the High Tower of your heavenly castle.

Sweetheart of all my dreams, King of my Soul, Sweetheart of all my dreams, King of My Soul.



Oh Solitude, My Solitude

Oh solitude, when will you be through with me?

My days are spent in the longing for my own,

My nights are made of reveries and hopes.

Oh solitude, when will you be through with me?

For I know, my heart is full and flows over,

Truly, it is ready to share its treasures.

Oh solitude, ma vieille amie, I am divorcing you. I choose companionship.

Yes, solitude, we will meet again, but it’ll be with joy and laughter,

For solitude, you hurt me more that you’ll ever know.

I look around and there is no one, no one to hold me.

Oh solitude, when will you be through with me?

Solitude, one day, we will be friends again but,

For now, I am through with you.

– Marù –

November, 6th 2016

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there. 
– Rumi –

Lead me to that field,

where the tree dances under the sun,

where the rain kisses my cheek

and the wind caresses my skin.

Lead me to that place,

where pain and pleasure

share the same bed of celebration,

where Life and Death

bear the same seed of Being.

– Marù –

September 22nd, 2016

The inherent peace of being knows no opposite. I am that Peace.

I am the openness of being. Beauty is the unlimited freedom of being.

This understanding allows one to see worldly limitations as the unlimited freedom of being in action.

Therefore, one rejoices in every situation who has realized the eternal freedom of being.

Then, all things exude the perfume of Love. For Love is Being and Being is Love.